MABY – Understanding personality types and forming better bonds through play.

Dr. Joseph Lam, a doctor in clinical psychology and the first trainer in Asia accredited by the Enneagram Association explains how playing with MABY can help us identify different personality traits in people, especially in children. Through playing with MABY, the multi-sensorial interactions can provoke both verbal and non-verbal cues that provide us with insights to reveal people’s characteristics. Dr. Lam then further explains the importance of knowing these traits in forging better communications, relationships, and teamwork between individuals.

Art as if an expression.

Our Mabist, Bao Ho, a Hong Kong renowned illustrator who described herself “not good at expression’’ but creativity leaves her a sphere to communicate and connect to the globe. Bao started her career in 2015 and soon to be recognised by various global brands such as Nike, K-11 Artmall, Lane Crawford and Mandarin Oriental which bring her ideas and creations all around the world’s corner. Spoken word as an expression might fade away one day, but an intellectual creation will always exist. Roll up your sleeves, amplify your ideas with MABY now!

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