MABY – Understanding personality types and forming better bonds through play.

Dr. Joseph Lam, a doctor in clinical psychology and the first trainer in Asia accredited by the Enneagram Association explains how playing with MABY can help us identify different personality traits in people, especially in children. Through playing with MABY, the multi-sensorial interactions can provoke both verbal and non-verbal cues that provide us with insights to reveal people’s characteristics. Dr. Lam then further explains the importance of knowing these traits in forging better communications, relationships, and teamwork between individuals.

Art as if an expression.

Our Mabist, Bao Ho, a Hong Kong renowned illustrator who described herself “not good at expression’’ but creativity leaves her a sphere to communicate and connect to the globe. Bao started her career in 2015 and soon to be recognised by various global brands such as Nike, K-11 Artmall, Lane Crawford and Mandarin Oriental which bring her ideas and creations all around the world’s corner. Spoken word as an expression might fade away one day, but an intellectual creation will always exist. Roll up your sleeves, amplify your ideas with MABY now!

Our Mabist, wealth manager, Terry Wong.

“Better management for a better life.” Our Mabist, Terry Wong’s professional motto, has provided great insights to MABY’s features! No worries Terry, your wishes will be coming true since MABY always cares about our living surroundings, people connection as well as our user’s creativity. An all-rounded experience from your vision, sensation, even to your self-management, online to offline is definitely a YES! in our development roadmap. Stay tuned to a miracle happens with MABY!

Meet with Mabist – Katerin Theys

From an interior designer to a fashion designer, Katerin concludes the recipe of her successful double identity. Simple but a long-lasting motto “When you always keep your passion up, then take it on exploration. You will be never in lack of inspiration.”

While MABY meets a Pro

What chemicals could be turned out?

This week, we have award-winning interior designer – Kinson Tam, as our Mabist. How does him use MABY with his philosophy of space feature?

Click to see the latest meet the Mabist!

Our Babist – The creative fingerprint analyst, ellen Mok

Our Mabist, Ellen Mok, a fingerprint analyst has well used her creativities from generating her profession into stunning and easy-comprehensive graphical sign which has even won recognition from Wallstreet giant Jim Rogers, a “Bat personality’s person”. How does her successful story begin and how does she crossover her creativity to MABY?

Fingerprint analysis is founded by Dermatoglyphics which has developed over 200 years from Europe that integrated genetics and pathology with scientific basis. Now has been developed to personal talent and character digging method as Ellen Mok suggested its functions “To be successful, you have to find your true self.”

How much do you know for yourself? Have you ever thought of a better known for yourself, a prosperous life that would be coming ahead? Maybe, that little secrets could be seem from your fingerprint! Click to watch it!

See How Our Mabist – Edward Lai created his master piece from MABY!

The Japanese craftmanship (工芸) is a world-renowned culture and core value that keeps the island country a leading role in art and technology of globe.

Our Mabist, who has inherited the the spirit of craftsmanship with his excellent ideas from wine and beverage enabling him to be a Master of your dining table.

Who says a traditional value is off ground from a new world? With creativity, dedication and profession, things go next level.

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