The Easter Eggs Artist – Peter Faberge

Thanks God, it’s Easter time! Better to stay home and listen to an artistic and amazing Easter story from MABY!

We have Easter eggs wrapped with colorful decoration with a heart of chocolate nowadays for giving a rebirth meaning to Jesus. Yet, with the creativity from Russian Jeweller, Peter Carl Faberge, Easter eggs on his hands became legendary artpieces best known as Faberge Eggs.

His most famous masterpiece, the Faberge Eggs, was firstly made for Alexander III of Russia for giving his wife Queen Maria Fedorovna a surprise in Easter. Peter used precious metals and gemstones with his unbelievable green thumb to create total 69 Faberge Eggs in his entire life. His family Jewellery house – The House of Faberge therefore becomes a legacy due to his creativity and effort.

Who would be the next master in the coming era? MABY always believe that will be the person always staying creative!


MABY is a light system to bring an artistic and hi-tech environment into your space. It is combined art, technology, creation and fun. You can build your own decoration in any shape with your creativities. It is controllable by the App.

Like we said, MABY is all about your creativities. Therefore, it also provided the pure MABY skins. MABY skins were provided in many different types of material. They are printing, cloth, leather, wood… etc. It is a simple attachment. Your creations can be broadly performed.

We believe art can be personal. Even we have objective opinions on all kinds of art. It is still personal. Art should be unrestrained. We believe art piece should have it’s own style and form. We worked with some contemporary artists together, created most beautiful art pieces. You could perform to build MABY with the masterpieces of art.

MABY is not just new technology electronics in the market. It is also about art and style. It was set by 4 simple shapes, which you could create a massive piece of art at your own space. It is simple but complicated. It is easy but challenging. MABY – My Art Becomes Yours


MABY App was set some mini games in it too.

Play the games in the parties with friends is always amazing. MABY contained many mini games for you to play in the parties. It is easy and fun to play with. It is all about simple games that is easy to understand and play with. 


MABY provided many different kinds of MABY skins. It can also be built like this huge photo with the light effect. While image is communicating with the environment, it is not just an image anymore.


MABY can be built to be any kind of shape. Discover your own creative world. Explore your imaginations. It is like a never ending story. Once you finish one master piece, you would find it can be still better.

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